812 Electronic Definition or Meaning for frequency allocation changes

Definition for frequency allocation changes


What is frequency allocation changes in electronics?
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frequency allocation changes

418MHz to be allocated
410-430MHz and 450470MHz being investigated

418MHz withdrawn and 868-870MHz allocated.

Cordless telephony use
1.7 MHz and 47 MHz withdrawn for CTO, 47
77 MHz withdrawn for CTO (extended)
864.1-868.1 MHz withdrawn for CT2.

Low power deregulated services
888-889MHz withdrawn

Asset tracking mobile data network
866-868 MHz allocated

Broadband fixed wireless access
28GHz and 40GHz allocated

Police radio schemes
380-385MHz and 390-395MHz allocated
450-470MHz withdrawn

Ionica frequencies
3.4GHz to be licensed nationally for voice and additional services
10GHz re-use as yet undetermined.

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