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Definition for capstun bomb


Have you ever asked yourself what is capstun bomb in electronic world?
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CAPSTUN BOMB: Take a 12 gauge shotgun shell and open the crimp. Pour out the
shot and seal the shot cup with a thin layer of epoxy. The seal must be oil
proof. Take a 1 in. long piece of broomhandle and drill a small hole through
it`s center. Epoxy it onto the brass end of the shell so that the hole is
over the primer. Now fill the shell with a 5% solution of capstun. Close the
crimp up again and epoxy the end shut. Take a cloth streamer about 1 1/2 in.
wide by 2 ft. long and epoxy one end of it to the crimp end of the shell.
When all is ready take a short nail and insert it through the hole up against
the primer. Hold it in place with 2 pieces of tape. To use this fold the
streamer up in your palm and place the shell on top of the streamer. Throw
the shell in a high arc. The streamer will cause the shell to land nail end
first setting off the primer. When the shell goes off it will spray the
capstun into the air. Two of these can clear the street.
If you have problems with the capstun leaking try loading it first into a
small plastic bag. Heat seal the open end of the bag then load it in the
shotgun shell without the shot cup.
Even though the capstun won`t cause damage the carrier it is dissolved in
can so chose it carefully.

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