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Capstun (capsaicin) is the active oil in red pepper. If you don`t
think something derived from pepper can be as good as CN or CS tear gas
think. Even if a person is maced he can still can still function if he is
motivated enough. Capstun is an irritant which causes nasal passages to swell
making the affected person breathe through their mouth which in turn causes
them to inhale the capstun which affects the throat causing choking. It`s
effect in the eyes is extreme tearing and pain. In addition it causes a
burning sensation on any exposed skin. Capstun does not cause permanent
Capstun is easy to make. The only drawback is you have to heat up ethyl
alcohol which is flammable.
Obtain 1 lb. of dried red or green hot peppers. The hotter the better. Chop
them up in a blender and put them into a large jug. Add denatured ethyl
alcohol to the peppers until they are covered by an inch or two of alcohol.
Put the jug into a pot of water on an electric burner and bring the alcohol
almost to a simmer. Be very careful as the alcohol fumes can ignite. Don`t
use a flame to heat the water. Let the alcohol cool a bit then filter it off.
Repeat this 3 times. Throw out the peppers and put all the alcohol into a
large mouthed jar. Take the water pot/heater outside and heat up the alcohol.
Evaporate the alcohol down to about 100 mls. Filter off the alcohol again
and let it evaporate to leave a thick reddish oil. If you are adventurish
take a minute amount of the oil and taste it. Have plenty of water on hand
Capstun is usually used as a 1% to 5% solution. Cut it down with mineral oil
or another suitable carrier.

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