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c guard

Mobile phones the scourge of restaunants cinemas trains and concert halls may at last have met their match in the form of an electronic device that can detect and jam every handset within 100 yards.

The device known as a CGuard and developed from Israeli military technology offers a possible end to the intrusive rings and the irritating onesided conversations that often infuriate other customers all at the flick of a switch.

The device which costs 760 works through a microprocessor that monitors mobile phone transmissions. When it detects them it transmits bursts of static on the same frequency which neutralise the mobile phone signal. The phone user is however. unaware that he has been jammed: the display on the telephone handset simply indicates that no signal can be found.

It means that the many restaurants train operators and other businesses which have tried to offer customers mobile free zones could now
have the first practical means of enforcement.

Ben Teeni of Netline Communications Technologies which is to launch the CGuard in Britain early next year said "In some places mobile telephone use is antisocial but in concert halls and cinemas it is outrageous. We think there is a big market for anything that will stop these people`. Netline is making modifications to the product to overcome possible legal hurdles which restrict the use of jammig devices in Britain.

The device could also be used by hospitals many of which ban mobile telephones because they can interfere sensitive medical equip. The greatest sales are how expected to come from th sure and entertainment ind where mobile phones have erated increasing conflict.

In one notable inciden May a diner at the Galley retaurant in Ipswich whose phone had been ringing continually tlirough his meal returned from the toilets to find the chef had deep fried it in batter and was sitting in front of a plate with chips and a slice lemon.

Ugur Vata co owner o the Galley said diners would be delighted if he installed a jamming device.

Many train travellers angered by the phones and last year Great Western Trains troduced mobilefree zones on some expresses bet London and the southwes

Great Westem Trains some passengers were breakiilg the ban prov complaints which could pr it to look at jarnming devices

The situation is likely worse as mobile phone boom. There are now more 10m in use in Britain.

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