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voice over ip (internet protocol)

The traditional way of sending many simultaneous calls over a shared link is by multiplexing, allocatind each into a fixed bandwidth channel. Because each channel carries voice signals in real time this guarantees good quality for each call. But at a price: multiplexers get more expensive as the number of channels increases. And once a call is established it hogs a whole channel until it is terminated even if most of the time it only needs a small part of the channel`s bandwidth. A VoIP link instead splits each voice signal into short time slices and converts the slices into data packets. Each packet goes into a queue ready to be squirted down the data pipe, along with packets from all the other live calls. At the other end of the link, the packets are reassembled and delivered to the appropriate recipient in the correct order.So VoIP can carry both voice and data on the same cabling, and it does not need multiplexing equipment. It is very bandwidth-efficient because each call only uses up the capacity it needs at that particular instant. And there is no fixed limit on the number of simultaneous calls - starting another call just means adding more packets to the transmit queue. However, if the load is too heavy, packets get delayed in transit, perhaps even lost. The effect is
that speech either sounds broken up, or there are disconcerting pauses (latency) in the conversation. To avoid this, the sending machine can stick "high priority" labels on the voice packets it generates. The labels tell IP routers on the way to give these packets preference over less urgent data such as file transfers.
But not all IP routers respect these labels and there are also some incompatibility problems. That`s why Internet telephony is unreliable. You can only guarantee that a voice call has enough bandwidth to protect it against degradation if you have control over all the routers on the network.

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