2188 Electronic Definition or Meaning for V34 Plus, V34, V32bis

Definition for V34 Plus, V34, V32bis


V34 PLUS, V34, V32BIS
What is V34 Plus, V34, V32bis in electronics?
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V34 Plus V34 V32bis
It is a series of CCITT standards that defines modem operations and error correction. There are more than 20 but the key ones are:
  • V32.bis the standard for 14.4kb/sec modems.
  • V34 the standard for 28.8kb/sec modems (see Baud).
  • V34 Plus the new standard for speeds up to 33.6kb/sec. Video Graphics Array is the name given to a popular display. VGA graphics have 640 pixels horizontally and 480 vertically and can display 16 colours. SuperVGA (SVGA) graphics can display 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 in as many colours as the memory in your graphics card will allow: up to 16.4 million or true colour. VLBus (See Local Bus)

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