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recording telecomms

Another caller asked whether it is now illegal to record a telephone call. The question is prompted by recent adverts on radio TV and in newspapers which warn (even boast) that all calls to the company will be recorded. This disclaimer was itself prompted by a clarifying statement put out by the DTI in July about changes which came into force in September. These changes concern the licences under which the telephone services operate under the Telecommunications Act 1 984.

Emergency services like the police and ambulances can record all calls without warning the caller. Business like banks insurance companies and stockbrokers can record calls but must make "every reasonable effort" to warn the caller. Hence the new rash of adverts.

Private individuals such as journalists investigating a sensitive story can tape without warning. In theory they should use only an acoustic or inductive coupler. In practice these can give poor results and noone is going to know if the taper uses a direct connection to the phone line. But the direct connection must be via an isolation box or the ringing and DC voltages that routinely pass down a phone line may damage the recorder. Inexpensive isolators are sold in the USA and Japan but not in

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