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recording adaptor

Phonapart Recording Adaptor
Item Code: TR103/BP

For the recording of two way speech on the telephone line.

Manual Operation
Where voice activation is not available or possible the recording equipment must always be used manually.

Voice Activated Recording Equipment
When using this device with a voice activated recorder please follow these instructions. This will allow (in most cases *) "Automatic" recording from the telephone line.
Protruding from the bottom of the break in Adaptor is a black linecord with a 3.5mm Jack Plug located at the end. Plug the 3.5mm Jack Plug into Mic socket on recorder.
Plug the break in adaptor into the required telephone socket. Plug a telephone back into break in adaptor if required. The device will also work without a phone plugged back in but there must obviously be another telephone somewhere on the same circuit for a conversation to take place.
Voice activation switch should be in the "ON" position and the cassette recorder set to record. The recorder will now automatically activate and record all telephone conversations when the telephone is in use. The recorder will deactivate when the telephone is put down.
Adjust volume sensitivity as required. Different makes of machines will have different optimum settings.

*PLEASE NOTE: Your recording machine may not necessarily operate "Automatically" in voice activated mode when used with this adaptor. This is due to manufacturers differing technical specifications. This being the case you will have to operate the cassette recorder manually.

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