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nagging redailling

A third caller asked about "naggers" as sold in the USA. A nagger is a phone which continually redials a busy or engaged number until it answers. Until recently they were banned in the UK because the regulations set by the BABT British Approvals Board for Telecommunations gave the makers of phones and fax machines a choice of four complicated options. Cut short these required the automatic redialler to space calls by at least three minutes or make only three attempts at one minute intervals. The reason given was that naggers clog BT`s network.

Guernsey Telecom in the Channel Islands recently introduced a service called Ringback which has proved very popular. Press "5" when you get an engaged tone. Ringback then keeps checking the busy number calls you back when it is free and sets up the call.

In November BT introduced its own Ringback service in the UK. The only difference is that BT charges 10p per call.

Incidentally GT found that Ringback clashes with call waiting because Call Waiting does not return a conventional engaged tone. UK users will now discover the same problem.

This and BT`s 10p surcharge makes nagger phones all the more attractive. They cost nothing extra to use. And the good news is that BABT has now relaxed its rules as a first step towards harmonisation on nagging throughout Europe.

New phones and faxes can make up to 15 attempts at a call spaced at five second intervals. The first nagging phones are due in the shops soon. They will not be as useful as American models which dial until eternity with no delay. But they are a whole lot better than the clumsy restrictions we have been stuck with so far.

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