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richard dearlove
proper name secret intelligence service
BND = german equivalent of mi6
obsession with utter secrecy marks MI6 out from other western intelligence services
women officers are proving to be less of a security risk than men - women gossip but men brag.
full time M16 recruiter who tours the universities but does not meet potential candidates
Foreign Office entry examination and the fast stream civil service selection process that a senior official suggested she might be interested in the "co-ordinating staff", which is Foreign Office speak for MI6.
still infused with an esprit de corps that combined intellectual brilliance with a male delight in technology
Like all new recruits, she received small-arms instruction at Fort Monkton, the MI6 training base near Gosport in Hampshire

Ministry of Defence scientists can read disks without a computer, so they are all protected in transit. Letters are safeguarded by red security tape that leaves detectable signs if tampered with, although near-undetectable photographic and laser techniques exist to read letters and to open envelopes.
Each officer has a personal safe with dual-combination locking; filing cabinets have false tumbler locks. As an added precaution they are protected from penetration by x-rays. Locks collapse internally if anything more than the slightest force is used. In the event of drilling, a glass plate inside the door shatters, releasing a spring-loaded bolt to prevent opening. Frequent random checks take place on number settings to see if the safe has been opened illegally.

gadgets are developed by the Directorate of Special Support, which is staffed by Ministry of Defence locksmiths, video and audio technicians and scientists. Different sections are devoted to chemicals and electronics, forensic services, electronic support measures, electronic surveillance and explosive systems.

Mark and check the origin of unauthorised
copies of classified material

Dual combination locking and tamper proof

Laser techniques exist to read the contents of letters without onenina them

Computer disks
MoD scientists have developed a means of reading them without a computer

Laptop computer
The secret hard disk contains a protective back-up to guard against the loss of confidential reports

hand-held digital scanner
can hold the filched material in its memory and can also be used in emergencies to transmit the stolen` secrets by burst transmissions via a satellite.

Filing cabinets
Protected from x-rays and drilling. Locks collapse internally if picked

Triple glazed window. Safeguards against laser and rat frequency flooding

Roller-ball pen
It can create invisible ink

identification transmitters that can be hidden in an agent`s shoes to track his or her movements by satellite.

Walkman that they carry to record conversations for up to 10 minutes on the middle band of an ordinary commercial music cassette tape.

laptop computers for writing reports. If that seems like a recipe for disaster, the secret hard disk contains a protected back-up.

uses the SAS as its armed wing
Most of the work is mundane and office bound.
Much of the training is taken up with learning to use the computer system - a new 200m desktop network known as the Automatic Telegram Handling System (ATHS/OATS) which provides access to all databases and replaces the old cold war stereotype of the "registry queen", the eccentric filing clerk with a photographic memory of every fact and face in the agency`s records.

warns that the contents are not to be shown to any foreigners and are intended only for the home intelligence and security services, armed forces and Whitehall recipients.

UK EYES B includes the above categories and the Northern Ireland Office.

LIST X names firms engaged in the manufacture of sensitive equipment and certain American, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian intelligence personnel liaising with the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) in London.

These bureaucratic procedures and attention to minute security rules are not merely technical; failure to carry out security precautions can lead to points deduction in the security breach points system. If an officer racks up 160 points over three years (breach of Top Secret counts as 80 points), this may lead to security clearance being withdrawn and instant dismissal.

new headquarters next to Vauxhall Bridge
aka Vauxhall Cross aka "Ceausescu Towers"
access by use of a swipe card and PIN number.
triple glazing installed on all windows and the mainframe computer, cipher and communications areas are housed in secure rooms.
Officers work at computers, processing information, collating files, planning operations, liaising with foreign intelligence agencies and networks and, most importantly, supporting the 300-500 officers in the field.
Stations abroad are classed from the high-risk Category A, such as Yugoslavia and Algeria, to the lesser B, such as Washington and New York, C, the European countries, and D, often the Commonwealth, where there is little or no threat.
A cynical CIA man argued during the later stages of the cold war that the activities of intelligence officers in the field were largely irrelevant because they could not do their key job, which was recruiting agents. Most agents, he said were "walk-ins" who marched into an embassy offering their services. The only successes he had ever had were by bribing East Europeans with money or pornography to become agents.
Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, neither money nor pornography has the same scarcity value. There is renewed emphasis on recruitment of agents and women have been found to be better at this than men. In an M16 operation against Iran in the 1990s, the turning point came when a female officer took the seat next to a woman suspect on a flight to the Middle East and they started talking.

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