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Type of spacecrift stabilisation in which the body maintains a fLxed attitude relative to the orbital track and the earths surface. The reference axes are roll pitch and yaw by nautical analogy.


Mobile communication has become increasingly popular amongst international business travellers mainly because of the medium`s reliability factor relative economy and ease of use all of which have improved immensely in recent years.

Take the humble GSM phone for example. Despite there being three main frequency standards 900 MHz as seen on Cellnet and Vodafone`s networks; 1800 MHz as seen on One2One and Orange`s networks and 1900 MHz as seen US and Far Eastern networks multiband handsets (for globe trotting business people) are now starting to appear.

But voice communications is only one aspect of mobile comms. There is also the data side where notebook PC and PCMCIA card modem users can plug their ensemble into a GSM phone and access their electronic mailboxes from more than loo countries around the world.

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