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Look, out, there`s a Keywatcher about

Big brother has just made it into the office. A dangerous new gadget will make it easy for bosses to spy on their staff, and for commercial rivals to learn trade secrets.

Everyone needs to beware of the Keywatcher device, which has just been imported from America and, at two inches long, can be plugged into the keyboard lead where it connects with the PC at the back of the unit.

This tiny device, which looks just like a regular adaptor, records every keystroke typed. It can store up to 16 pages of whatever the user types and takes its power from the keyboard cable. You can then come

along and unplug it and put it into any other word processor or text editor, type in a password, and read the stored text after it has been downloaded.

The arrival of the Keywatcher, being sold by London`s Spymaster, means that nothing you type is safe, no matter what firewalls or antipiracy software you install.

It can be used for corporate espionage, blackmail and, more worryingly, to keep tabs on staff and check what work they are doing, and if they are thinking of leaving.

It has a less unsavoury application: parents who worry that their kids are talking to undesirable characters in chat rooms can simply plug it in and read the child`s dialogue to check to whom they are talking and what they are saying.

While it is legal to sell the gadget, which costs 170, it is not clear what the law says about its application. Much will depend on for what purposes it is used.

But you can be sure that if it is coming onto the market now, the spooks have been using it for years.

Sunday, July 29, 2001
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